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Barn & Fence Paint - Latex

Barn & Fence Paint - Latex

  • Flows on smoothly and dries to a tough, durable finish
  • Fade and weather resistant
  • Available in red and white
  • Available in gallons and five-gallon pails

Product Data Sheet



Note: Underlined Part Numbers are links to SDS
Red 3121-10 3125-10
White 3121-70 3125-70

0-45001-12870-07 -- 0-80047-44209-4

Product Comparison

Product Application Oil/Latex/Alkyd Hide Dry to Touch Recoat
Barn & Fence Paint B, R, S Latex Good 20 minutes 4 hours
Barn & Fence Paint B, R, S Oil Very Good 6-8 hours Overnight
Home & Ranch Finish B, R, S Latex Very Good 1 hour Overnight
Metal Building Siding & Roof Finish B, R, S Latex Very Good 30-60 minutes Overnight
Porch & Floor Enamel - Latex B, R, S, P Latex Very Good 1 hour Overnight
Porch & Floor Enamel - Oil B, R, S, P Polyurethane Alkyd Excellent 6-8 hours 24 hours
Heavy-Duty Aluminum Paint B, R, S Oil Excellent 2 hours 24 hours

B - Brush, R - Roller, S - Spray, P - Pad Application

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