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Galvanized Primers

Galvanized Primers

  • Cold Galv Primer:
  •   Superior corrosion resistance
  •   Great for spot welding
  •   Dry paint film contains a minimum of 93% Zinc
  •   Available in spray or brush-on
  • Bright Galv:
  •   Dry paint film contains a minimum of 65% Zinc
  •   Use for touch-ups on scratches or minor repair of galvanized surfaces
  •   Available in spray or brush-on
  •   Matches the appearance of new galvanized metal
  • Shiny Galv:
  •   Protects iron and steel
  •   Gives a chrome-like finish
  •   Available in sprays for quick touch-up

Product Data Sheet


Note: Underlined Part Numbers are links to SDS
Zinc Cold Galv 80036 80032
Bright Galv 80035 80033
Shiny Galv n/a 80034

0-45001-12870-07 -- 0-80047-44209-4

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